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Requisites For Travelling To The Business Hub Of Middle East

Dubai Travel Guide

Travelling to Dubai requires a valid visa and separate entry requirements are insisted for holders of nonstandard passports and other travel documents. If you are travelling with Emirates to Dubai, submit an application and get your UAE visa online, sans submission of passport for stamping.

General procedure

As a first step, a visitor should know his/ her visa type. The visa application is sanctioned based on three different criteria under the heads travel record, financial records, invitation from immediate family member residing in UAE on family status.

Visitors can avail a tourist visa valid for 30 days, 14 days and a special transit visa valid for 96 hours for a small fee. ?In case, the purpose of visit is exclusively for job, a work visa can be obtained from the respective employer or sponsor.

Documents Required for Individuals

  • passport for verification
  • A copy of the salary certificate or employment contract of the sponsor/ resident
  • Travel insurance
  • Proof of family relationship

Supporting documents required for companies

  • Passport of the sponsor
  • Copy of the establishment card and
  • Travel insurance

As per the directives given in the UAE Immigration directive, all diplomatic passport holders need to apply for visa through UAE embassy only.

During the course of processing of the visa application, you can track the status under each stages online or you can get in touch with the concerned authority, in case needed.

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