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Visa on arrival to Dubai – Details and application process

Visa on arrival

Visa on arrival to Dubai needs you to have a valid visa, however you can apply and receive the authorization at the time of your entry. While you arrive you need to apply for the visa at the visa counter and you will be stamped on the passport. However, recently the rules insist that expatriate who live in Saudi having resident permit and GCC countries is not allowed to obtain Visa on arrival.

Earlier, they were eligible for visa on arrival to Dubai and Emirates Airlines has already given circulars directing companies to follow the rule stopping Visa on arrival from next month onwards for expatriate coming under the above category. However, expats who reside in GCC nations can now apply via online for entry permits for visiting UAE through Dubai. The facility intends to help visitors from the GCC countries to enter UAE and Dubai.

Visitors coming under the prescribed categories receive visa on arrival at the airport from the visa counter after making the fee payment. GCC residents who are not GCC nationals but having high professional status including doctors, managers, pharmacists, accountants, engineers, auditors and employees who work with the public sector are eligible for visa on arrival. Nationals of 28 European Union countries, citizens of Hong Kong and the Vatican, European Free Trade Association countries such as Norway, Iceland, Switzerland, Canada, US, Australia, Singapore, New Zealand, S. Korea, San Marino Andorra, Japan, Brunei, Monaco and Malaysia are eligible for Visa on arrival.

During the past year, European Union and UAE signed a bilateral visa contract allowing benefits to the nationals while entering the respective countries. As per the agreement, the requirement on EU Schengen visa has been given up and simultaneously the pre-entry visa required for the nationals of the 13 EU countries became eligible for Visa on arrival.

Duration and the documents required for getting Visa on arrival

The validity of visa on arrival to Dubai is limited to 30 days and it is non-renewable. The documents required to be submitted while receiving visa for arrival include the following:

  • 1. A valid passport
  • 2. A valid residence stamp
  • 3. Proof of employment in the country of residence.

Unlike transit visas, you do not require to apply beforehand. As aforementioned, the documents submitted as evidence are verified and upon satisfying all the conditions, the visa is stamped on the passport allowing the visitor to stay during the 30 day period.

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