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Underwater Tennis Court Proposed In Dubai

Under Water Tennis Court

Dubai is a city that is progressing by setting new standards in every realm of activities undertaken. With Burj Arab and Burj Khalifa, Dubai has been credited for holding many of the architectural surprises in the world.

Underwater Tennis Court 

In fact, Dubai is all set to explore the possibilities of building an underwater tennis court under the initiative of a Polish architect, Krzysztof Kotala who has completed the basic designs. The proposed court centre is arched shaped to help withstand the underwater currents. In fact, it is waiting for the prospective investors to fund for successful launching of the proposal. Once implemented, the project will become the first underwater Tennis court in Dubai and fans from around the globe can witness their favorite players’ game from the great depths of the ocean.

More importantly, Krzysztof Kotala is of the opinion that he wished to watch his project upcoming in a place that supports the sport and found Dubai is the best platform where it frequently conducts the Dubai Duty Free Tennis Championship. The architect is of the opinion that the proposed underwater tennis centre will bring in huge commercial success with the right combination of technology, sport and ecology to entertain millions of tennis enthusiasts from around the world. Confidently, it can augment the tourism activities in an already thriving Dubai.

Even there are many challenges which may arise in regard to the glass sheets, impact proof structure, and the refracting light, the proposal is welcomed since it would be one of a kind experience once it has been implemented successfully. The structural engineers are going to face biggest challenge during moving an erecting the materials in the waves. The planned project would rather attract big amount of money as well. There are concerns for players as well as the Director of engineering and technical services at the Institution of Structural Engineers, Sarah Fray has said that the refracting light and fish will act as distraction for players.

It has been mooted several underwater projects in Dubai in the upcoming years. There is also a proposal for developing underwater villas under the aegis of Kleindienst Group for 42 floating Seahorses. The Dubai underwater projects are in the offing and no matter the challenges the proposals will come into reality down the line in anytime soon. So hold your breath, the luxurious underwater proposals will find its way in Dubai. And the world is looking toward Dubai to witness some of the world’s structural wonders in 21st century.

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