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Transit Visa in Dubai

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Dubai, being a global destination and a trade destination entices world travelers and business persons to have a short stop over during their journey. To help the short term tourists in the country and to give a thorough monitoring on the inflow of visitors to Dubai, the transit visas are introduced.

A valid transit visa carries a fee for the period for which the visitor stays within the country. The time period allotted for transit visas can be extended by paying a high fee, but under normal circumstances it is not advocated. The laws for extending the stay in Dubai are strict and attract huge fines and imprisonment if any rule/ criterion is violated.

Who needs Transit Visa in Dubai?

The Dubai Immigration Department initiated the Dubai transit visa allowing eligible persons to travel and stay in the country during its prescribed validity time. Transit Visa is available for passengers who stops over at Dubai International airport for at least 8 hours. And, if they meet the following conditions, they become eligible for a 96 hour transit visa. However, citizens of certain countries are exempted from the 96-hour transit visa.

Documents required to issue Transit Visa in Dubai

  • 1. The passport should be valid for the next three months for the transit passengers having special permits or on a visit or mission.
  • 2.Sponsored by Airlines only
  • 3.Applicant should possess confirmed booking to the third destination indicating the date and time of departure.
  • 4.The establishment card or a copy of the establishment card is required if the visitor is on a business trip.

The Transit Visa is valid for a single time only. If you decide to stop by next time, you have to ask for a new transit visa. The Emirates Airlines arranges the transit visas for its passengers arriving at the Dubai International Airport.

Formalities and procedures for issuing Transit Visa

The application for Visa should be properly filled at the Dubai Immigration Department along with the documents prescribed. The Transit Visa is collected at the Dubai International Airport but requires a sponsor from within the country under certain circumstances. It can be from the authorities of the hotel you are going to stay or the company if you are travelling and staying in Dubai on behalf of your company as part of the business trip. The airlines you rely for travelling arranges for transit visa, provided you have informed them beforehand about your short stopover in Dubai.

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