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The best locations to find accommodations

Accomodation for bachelors in Dubai

Dubai has some of the best places in the world where you can pick a location to live in. This post shall help you find the best areas fulfilling your accommodation needs. Before you choose a location, it is better to consider your requirements. Dubai, being global city is home to a wide range of nationals from different countries. The biggest activity happens in Sharjah, being a prominent place adjacent to Dubai. Most people prefer to stay in Sharjah to ease the commute to Dubai. Both Emirates like its many other counterparts is experiencing huge traffic woes as you see traffic on road comes a high during the wee hours from Sharjah to Dubai and vice versa.

Despite this difficulty, the two adjacent city complements each other. Sharjah is one of the prominent area that accommodates bulk of the population that work in Dubai, due to affordable rent, low cost of living, food and supplies. It is wise to consider your needs and family needs while choosing the best places in Dubai.

As per the Global Rental Index report the current rise in rentals is making people prefer a house rather than to choose to stay as a tenant. Dubai’s increasing residential rentals lead to wage inflation and serves as a leading factor that makes residents choose for buying houses.

Bur Dubai, Karama and Deira is one of the most prominent neighborhoods of Dubai which cater to the needs of those who would look to live in a well-connected suburbs of Dubai. The three cities are well connected by Metro stations, retail amenities and schools.


Being the third largest and thickly populated city in United Arab Emirates, Sharjah forms part of Dubai-Sharjah-Ajman metropolitan area. Located in the Northern coast of the Persian Gulf, Sharjah is a favorite location for people working in Dubai. Indeed, it offers an array of amenities, universities and colleges, health care and hospitals, close accessibility to Dubai makes Sharjah a favorite destination for many foreign nationals.

Bur Dubai

Located on the western side of Dubai creek, Bur Dubai is a historic district in Dubai. If you are looking around to see excellent tourist attractions, good accommodation and shopping alternatives, Bur Dubai is one of the best places. It is home to Dubai Museum, Dubai International Financial Center, and Dubai World Trade center. If you want to explore the quaint, old Dubai, the district does not disappoint you. Nevertheless the city has some of the best modern shopping malls as well. Wafi shopping mall, Al Khaleej Center, Bur Juman Mall are a few to name. It continues to lure tourists and offer them with pleasant shopping experience by providing all kinds of world’s top brands. The district connects with the other prominent parts of Dubai.


Karama or Al Karama is essentially a residential district forming part of older area of Dubai. The city has many low rise residential buildings which adds to its popularity as a favorite residential place in Dubai. The lion share of Karama’s population constitutes middle class South Asian expatriates. Karama is well connected to other districts in Dubai facilitated by a Metro Station. The prime attraction is Karama Center, Karama Park or Lulu Park, named after the Lulu supermarket which is sprawling all over the park.

Karama continues to be a great location for families due to its affordable well-equipped apartments with better facilities as opposed to the other parts of Dubai, the south of the creek in particular.


Deira is one of the most popular areas in Dubai which shares a border with Persian Gulf, Dubai creek and Sharjah. Deira gets its recognition as an important commercial center of Dubai. An excellent place where night life comes so alive and active, Deira is a great location for bachelors with its affordable rental apartments. The city has modern classy restaurants and you can find a lot of small traditional shops which provides a very lively experience while strolling through its streets, no matter day or night. Deira is truly the show place of Dubai and keeps on luring with its shopping attractions.

Al Qusais

Al Qusais is a community in Dubai, nearby Deira classified in to residential and industrial localities. The place is well equipped with universities, colleges, medical centers, government centers, restaurants, hotels and huge shopping malls. Don’t think that you get stranded in the area, because it is connected to main centers of Dubai through the Green line with its five stations located at Al Qusais. You can go for shopping at Al Mulla Plaza, the first shopping mall in Al Qusais. It is renowned as the home of Dubai Police Museum which is included on the record of Arab Museums during the late 1980s. Lately, another shopping center named Madina Mall has been inaugurated in 2012 to peddle the retail market with world’s best brands.

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