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Set Up Your Industry In The Global Business Hub

Business in Dubai

Implementing own business in Dubai is pretty easy these days with the guidance of the Department of Economic Development making the licensing procedures simple for business owners. Mainly, there are two jurisdictions in Dubai for starting business. Dubai mainland and the other is free zones. Both of them typically caters to the requirements based on the business type and activities.

If you would like to start a business in Dubai mainland, you need to register with the Department of Economic Development. This seems as a pretty good option for those in need of setting a business up without going through the usual long winding process. The said department issues you with business license allowing you to conduct business in Dubai mainland.

Not much difference in registering a business in Dubai mainland and economic free zones, nevertheless setting up an establishment in the latter does help you enjoy some benefits. Strictly speaking, the difference lies in type of ownership and accessibility to export markets.

Starting Business In Dubai Free Zone Licenses

A company being registered and operating in free zones in Dubai does enjoy many benefits. Just like formalities to be met while registering a business in Dubai Mainland area, those investors planning to start business in free economic zones are required to establish a legal presence to procure the business license.

For instance, if you decide to start a company inside Dubai Airport Free zone, three broad types of business licenses can be obtained as per the requirements such as trade license, service license and industrial license.

Trade license is obtained for distribution, export, import and storage of products. Industrial license is subject to the government stipulations as anything that invokes a hazardous condition is not allowed in the free zone since it is in the immediate proximity of Airport.

Setting Up A Business In Dubai Mainland

It is quite simple to start a business in Dubai mainland area since it is all mooted via Department of Economic Development. You need to choose the business activity and if it falls in the already listed 2000 business categories, it is being implemented at the level of Department of Economic Development.

In case the business you proposed to set up does not comes under any of the listed categories, you can contact Department of Economic Development via the email along with the description of business activity. Once the team gets back to you after verifying your request, they create a new business activity and initiates all help to get your proposal implemented in the near future.

The very next step demands you to choose a legal form for describing about the kind of business you intend to carry on such as the business type, business activities, nationality, number of partners and ownership options.

You need to choose a trade name on the day of payment itself. Be careful on renewing the trade name for business before its expiration since it can be renewed only once via online. If it is expired you cannot renew it under the same name.? Once you get a valid trade name certificate, you should wait for approval of the Government of Dubai. The Government after complying with all the requirements agree to provide an initial approval certificate to proceed to further steps in getting a valid business license.

Now, next step is to prepare a memorandum of association and a local service agent agreement with an UAE national to represent your business within the country w.r.t. licensing and other compliance. Once memorandum is ready, you need to finalize on the physical location of the business. For this, Dubai Municipality Planning section has to confirm the availability and should comply with public safety requirements.

Certain times you require licensing approvals from different departments as well. Suppose if you have complete all the procedures for setting up a hospital, you need to get the licensing approvals from Dubai health authority as well. Once you have completed all the formalities and submitted the documents at the DED counters, your business license will be processed within a week.


Migrant Workers In UAE

UAE is ranked as one of the richest economies of the world, whose success depends greatly on the copious supply of labor, majority of them trying to escape the excruciating poverty in their home land. Migrant workers in the UAE labour force attribute to 90 percent and includes many nationalities from India, Pakistan and Bangladesh, Europe, Asia and Africa. In the very recent years, UAE is focusing on thriving business such as manufacturing industries, tourism, and property business. Despite the way these immigrant laborers work their way to contribute to the economic well-being, it never counts for their prosperity nor provides for their basic needs. Sad that none comes to their rescue and the Kalafa sponsorship system continues to reign the labor rules discarding the standard international guidelines.

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