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Rising job prospects for GCC nationals

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Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) or Cooperation Council for the Arab states of the Gulf nationals enjoy a plethora of privileges when it comes to working and living in Dubai. The Government of Dubai provides many dynamic business opportunities for GCC nationals. It is well evident that from the statistics of Dubai’s real estate market with the investments exceeding Dh19 billion by GCC nationals.

Dubai Government has allowed partnerships between GCC investors and foreigners sans Emirati sponsorship if the investors are willing to finance through capital inflows. Mostly the investments come under enabled sectors such as services, tourism, real estate which adds significant value to Dubai’s economy. Since Dubai is well equipped with all amenities to help develop business at a fast pace.

With speedy legwork, Dubai is viewed as a business friendly place where you can finalize the business incorporation procedures within a couple of weeks. Indeed, earlier the GCC Common Market lets GCC nationals to establish a business in Dubai without local partners. The new partnership drive with foreign nationals doubles the business opportunities in dulia for GCC nationals.

Rather, Dubai is an investor friendly nation with big demand from UAE citizens in investing in Dubai properties. The success is seen through the big volume of investments from GCC countries which again shows the trust placed on the Dubai’s property market. In fact, the hike in the investments from GCC nationals is pulling up the business in Dubai and let foreign nationals also come in to the foray.

Dubai is all set to explore the immense business amenities to expand the possibilities of businesses and promote transfer of technology, knowledge and business potential throughout GCC countries. Expressing big confidence on the array of investor friendly opportunities, entrepreneurs opine that it boosts different business sectors and equitable development of the global city.

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