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Military Air base In Dubai – Al Minhad Air base

Al Minhad Airbase

Located 24 kilometers south of Dubai, Al Minhad Air Base is a military air base in UAE. It stands 53 meter above mean sea level and single runway with asphalt surface and a parallel 38 meter wide taxi way. Since early 2000 many foreign countries are making use of the Al Minhad airbase in Dubai for fulfilling the logistic needs for the army set-ups in Afghanistan. The Airport is being operated by the United Arab Emirates Air Force and it requires for foreign countries to enter into a diplomatic bilateral agreement between UAE and the host nation who wants to Al Minhad Airbase in Dubai.

Operations of Military Air Base in Dubai:

The Australian defense force runs a facility at Al Minhad Airbase and so does British Armed Forces and their No.6 Squadron RAF exercised the Eurofighter Typhoons from here.  It has become the hub for helping UAE in their combat against the militants in Iraq by Australian Defense Force. In fact, the Special Forces also deployed act as military advisers to the Armed Forces of Iraq. Also, the Netherlands military force and the New Zealand Defence Force has deployed assets here.

The Australian Defense Force were renamed as Camp Baird in early February last year. It has shifted its Middle East operations from Baghdad to Al Minhad late in the year 2008.  Al Minhad defense Air force has been used by the Australian Defense force while Iraq invasion and later for RAAF surveillance aircraft.

Lately this year, the Air Task Group deployed in Al Minhad Air Base will be soon replaced by RAAF to involve in the anti-ISIL combat operations in Iraq in association with the Operation Okra. Prior to the return of the Air task Group to Australia, The Chief of Defence Force Air Chief Marshal Mark Binksin did pay a visit in early January this year.

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