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Ladies Only Day At Al Mamzar Beach In Dubai

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Since the Jumeirah Beach Park has been closed due to renovation projects, Al Mamzar is witnessing heavy pouring in of resident visitors and travelers from across the world. In fact, the authorities have already informed that the public can use the Al Mamzar Park which is resembling the Jumeirah Beach Park in all departments.

Al Mamzar Park has five beaches offering copious beach entertainment facilities. Al Mamzar beach is a fine destination for women who like to enjoy in the ladies only beaches. Jumeirah Beach Park due to its temporary closure has cancelled the ladies only day and meanwhile the authorities have urged the public to use Al Mamzar Beach Park to enjoy the same facilities in the Jumeirah Beach Park. And womenfolk have welcomed the idea of ladies only day at Al Mamzar Beach Park owing to the temporary closure of the facility in the Jumeirah Beach. And the heavy crowd at Al Mamzar testifies it. And the women folk are quite delighted to hang out at Al Mamzar during the ladies only day.

Providing better privacy and entertainment, separate areas have been chosen for beach activities for women visitors in the most visited beaches in Al Mamzar. Based on the purpose of visit, it will be categorized; for instance, some may visit the beach for sun tanning while some others to relax with family, friends and for leisurely purposes. The authorities have made all arrangements in such a way that separate beaches have allocated for each purpose for visitors to enjoy their time out in Al Mamzar Beach Park.

It is expected that more female visitors shall come to Al Mamzar Beach Park during the ladies only day in the meantime it becomes popular. Not only the residents, but also visitors from across the globe is also welcoming the idea of ladies only day due to absence of the facility in the Jumeirah Beach Park.

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