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It’s Raining Job Benefits For UAE Nationals

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UAE and Dubai is wedded to bringing in best support for its people as they realize them as the biggest wealth of their nation. The UAE Government is encouraging all efforts to provide best job prospects for UAE nationals. Let us see some of the stellar initiatives envisaged by the Government to reduce the unemployment rate and uplift the welfare of UAE nationals in the context of reserving fine job opportunities in Dubai.

The national Human Resources Development and Employment authority (TANMIA) under the aegis of UAE government is engaged in creating excellent, well paid job opportunities for UAE nationals with the purpose of alleviating unemployment levels among the citizens. It is heartening for the citizens that the government is keenly promoting the skill and productivity through robust employment programs for effective deployment of their skills.

To foster this initiative, UAE nationals enjoy many benefits as compared to foreign nationals working in Dubai. If a company situates outside the free trade zones the job comes under Emiratisation which is implemented to ensure the process guaranteed employment to UAE citizens. The program is widely prevalent in public sector enterprises rather than private organizations. In order to beef up the number of UAE nationals in top positions in organizations, the Government has implemented steps to get them placed in professional and leadership positions.

Furthermore, it is highly commendable of the Government on the efforts in regard to the jobs for disabled citizens. Way back in 2006, the UAE Federal Government has enacted the UAE Disability Law to safeguard the interests and rights of the people with disabilities. The aforesaid law directs that citizens with special needs should be treated in par with others and they are eligible to work and occupy top positions.

Toward achieving this goal, the Government has implemented the El Kayt. In Arabic, it means lifeboat and it is set up under the guidance of Community and Development Authority in Dubai. The key purpose of El Kayt is to empower the citizens with disabilities to help them absorbed in professional job positions in both public and private sector enterprises.

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