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Get Surprised With Dubai Summer Surprises

About Dubai

Dubai Summer Surprises is the festival event conducted annually by the Dubai Government with the intention of promoting Dubai as a holiday destination for family. The summer festival was launched during the summer of 1998. The event is organized to impart knowledge while having fun and entertainment especially for children. It is arranged during the summer vacation so that families would be comfortable attending the events every year.

The Dubai Summer Surprises is conducted during June to August for ten weeks. Typically, the weeks are divided in to themes known as surprises. The most interesting thing is that the surprises are named as per the activities to be held during the period. A few surprises names include:

  • Flower Surprises
  • Art Surprises
  • Ice Surprises
  • Sweet Surprises
  • Color Surprises
  • Cartoon Surprises
  • Knowledge Surprises
  • Adventure Surprises
  • Back-2- School Surprises

Usually, government department in close association with sponsoring companies, shopping malls and hotels organize different surprises. Towards the end, the themed promotion is Back-2-School Surprises.

Dubai Summer Surprises has a mascot named Modhesh in Arabic referring to amazing and unexpected. The most popular areas in Dubai Summer Surprises which kids identify with is Modhesh Fun City. The summer events at the Dubai Summer Surprises is arranged by Dubai Government and Dubai Summer Surprises office.

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