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Family Visa in Dubai – How To Get Residency visa !

A number of criteria are applied for obtaining a family/dependent visa in Dubai. Upon fulfilling all the standards, one can arrive in Dubai with their family including parents, children and spouse. It requires different procedures for spouse, parents and children of an expatriate who is seeking a family visa in Dubai.

Who needs Family Visa in Dubai?

A family visa is needed if you are residing in Dubai with your family members. The Dubai Family Visa lets you sponsor your family members including your parents, spouse and children below the 18 years of age. Family visa eligibility is given for those who are earning a salary more than AED 4000 in a month. And on a renewable visa, one can sponsor parents provided he/ she deposits AED 5000 for each of the parents along with a health insurance policy. While the parents leave the country or expires, the deposit gets refunded.

Duration of Family Visa in Dubai 

Expats with valid resident visas and earning a salary of AED 6000 including accommodation and AED 7000 without accommodation are allowed for one year renewable resident visas for parents and parents-in-law.

Documents required, procedure and formalities for getting Family Visa:

  • A typed application form
  • Attested work contract or salary certificate in case of a government employee.
  • Attested tenancy contract.
  • Three months bank statement if you are a longtime resident. However, new residents would require only one month bank statement or a letter showing the salary transfer from the bank. Also, note that printed online statement is not allowed.
  • Marriage certificate attested by the authorities in your home country or by the UAE officers vested with giving the approval for UAE marriages.
  • Medical report from authorized hospitals for spouse and children who are above 15 years of age.
  • Attested Birth Certificate of child (to be obtained from UAE Embassy in your home country and from Foreign Affairs department in UAE).
  • Original passport and copies of passports of sponsor and family members.
  • Three passport size photos of each of the family members.
  • Copy of the sponsor’s passport, labour card, Emirates ID, a recent water and electricity bill.
  • Labour contract is to be attested from Immigration Department.

The rules say that the visa holder should enter UAE within 60 days from the date of its issue and complete all procedures regarding Visa stamping within 60 days from the entry/status change date. Visa renewal is allowed only for a couple of times.

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