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Dubai work visa – The sought after visa in the Gulf

Dubai being fast growing in all departments regarded as the global business hub beckons millions of people across the globe for employment purpose. Since working in Dubai is one of the plum of the opportunities one can get, it should never be missed out. However, it requires you to fulfill the work visas while travelling to Dubai, the one of the world’s premium city.

Who needs Dubai work visa?

All non UAE citizens intends to offer their service in Dubai needs to obtain the residency visa letting them to acquire a work permit or a labour card distributed by the Ministry of Labour. As a matter of fact, the employers will take care of the visa application process in the case of work permit including the costs incurred for securing it.

Dubai Work Permit Visas- Types

Dubai work visas are classified into different categories. No matter the category, each of the work visas require an application from the prospective employer after fulfilling the eligibility criteria along with the supporting documents prescribed. The major category is issued under the head “Residence permit for employment issues for an employee”.

To get qualified on this category it requires every applicant to provide multiple evidences in support the visa application. These type work visa allows a prospective employee in Dubai to work in Dubai for up to three years in the private sector. It requires disclosing the personal and family details, address for communication with contact telephone number. And this information should be supported by a number of documents as evidence. A person who is planning to avail a work visa under this category should submit medical certificates.

Dubai Work visa / permit for public sector

Another category comes under the Dubai work Permit for public sector. This type of work visa is provided for applicants who are preparing to work in the public sector. The duration for this type lasts for three years as in the case of above. What makes it different from the work visa for the private sector is that the supporting documents to be submitted vary. It is easy to obtain the Dubai Work permit for public sector.

Dubai Work visa – Short term

The short term work permit varies in its validity period unlike the above two visas, meanwhile it provides the same rights for residing and working in Dubai. Considered as the best visa option in Dubai when you are a business visitor and for employees on short term contract.

Dubai Work visa – Duration, Documentation, Formalities and Procedures

A labour card is obtained after getting a residency visa, qualification, and a valid passport not less than six months validity.  The documents required to obtain a work permit in Dubai includes

  • Recent photograph
  • Passport and residency visa
  • Medical certificate
  • Copy of the trade license of the sponsoring company
  • Copies of professional qualification certificate,
  • Specified number of copies of the employment contract along with the signatures of both employer and the employee.
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