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Dubai Visit visa – Who needs visit visa?

For GCC nationals: Visit visa is issued for residents of GCC nations, students and persons seeking medical help. While entry visas are provided only for patients attending/ undergoing treatment in hospitals with International accreditation and it is initiated by the Dubai Health Authority and the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs.

Duration of Dubai Visit visa

The requisites for obtaining a visit visa to Dubai vary according to one’s nationality. Israeli nationals are not allowed to enter Dubai. Usually, visit visas are granted on a short term and long term basis. Short term visit visas are valid for 30 days while long term visit visas’ validity extends to 90 days. GCC nationals are exempted from owning visit visas to enter Dubai. Both the 30/90 days visit visas are non-renewable.

The passport validity period is at least 6 months before the proposed exit date. If you are a national from one of the countries that is not included in the list satisfying all criteria for entering in Dubai, then you require a UAE based sponsor to apply for visit visa. Under such circumstances, the visit visa is availed by way of

  • 1. Relative sponsorship- is usually availed easily by first degree relatives
  • 2. Friendship sponsorship- strictly based on salary earnings
  • 3. Company sponsorship- available for a business visitor who has interests in the local business.

Multiple entry visas

The validity of multiple entry visas extends for a fortnight every time you visit. Generally, these type of visa is granted for visitors who are associated with the local businesses in Dubai and requires frequent visits in this regard.

How to get Dubai Visit visa? Documentation and formalities

The sponsoring company or the individual should fulfill the requirements with the Immigration department which issued their trade license and resident visas respectively. At the typing centre, once the visa fee gets paid and then submitted the duly filled in application form, the document submission and processing follows at the concerned department. Upon meeting the criteria, visit visa is issued within a couple of days. If urgent processing fee is paid, it is more likely that you receive the visit visa on the day of application. Once it is received, the original or copy of the visa is send to the visitor. If copy is send, the original visa should be deposited at the Dubai Airport DNATA counter at least three hours before the arrival of the visitor.

Documents required for Visit visa

  • 1. Copy of the confirmed flight booking
  • 2. Copy of Passport
  • 3. Passport size photographs
  • 4. Visa fee
  • 5. Letter of approval from bank

The individual sponsoring the visa should furnish the following documents/requirements:

  • 1. Valid residence visa and passport of the resident.
  • 2. Resident’s salary certificate as evidence of minimum salary earnings along with labour contract
  • 3. Attested documents showing the proof of relationship with the family member
  • 4. Copy of the visitor’s passport
  • 5. Proof of medical health or accident insurance for the visitor.
  • 6. Refundable deposit
  • 7. Visa application form which will be available from the typing center at the Immigration department.

If company is sponsoring a visit visa, then it should submit the following documents:

  • 1. Copy of establishment card
  • 2. Copy of the passport of the sponsor and
  • 3. Travel insurance

The granting of visit visa is subject to many rules and it always wise to check with the embassy to get the latest updates on visit visas and its requirements before you plan to enter Dubai via Visa sponsorship.

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