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Dubai Transportation- Linking Places And People

Dubai Transportation

Transportation in Dubai combines tradition with modern means. A variety of transportation modes are available in Dubai. Even now, people use traditional way of transportation such as camel and small motor boats for commuting to places like Bur Dubai to Deira. Indeed, there are taxis, Trams, Metro, Bus, water and air transport to connect between different places in Dubai.


Taxi system is the most popular means of transportation in Dubai. You can travel round the city where it is connected by Metro lines. You can find both government and private operated services. Cab services are available through Dubai’s many significant places or visitors can book a cab in advance. Deira is a popular taxi stand in Dubai. Furthermore, women travelers who need female drivers can hire pink taxis.


Public bus transport system in Dubai is advanced and managed under the aegis of Roads and Transport Authority which is known as RTA. RTA is the chief transportation facilities provider in Dubai. To facilitate bus transportation, Dubai is divided in to five zones. The bus fare varies with one zone to another and is a popular means of transportation to connect with industrial business and residential places in Dubai.


The Metro is the synonym for very advanced and comfortable way of commute in Dubai. It is considered as better alternative for cars. It features different class, apart from the provision for separate cabins for women and children.

Water bus and Taxis

Water bus and taxis are common means of transport in Dubai offering exquisite comfort to commuters. Marine transport agency, a division of RTA operates and controls water Bus transportation in Dubai. Water taxis connect different places in Dubai during 10 am through 10 pm at varied rates depending on the destination.

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