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Dress Code In Dubai

 dress code in dubai

If you are planning to make a trip to Dubai, I am sure the most worrisome thing that nags you is none other than the dressing style. Before you start fretting, ensure that you have researched about what is acceptable and undesirable while travelling down to Dubai. There are legal guidelines as to what to wear and each of the seven Emirates have different dress code.

The dress code is evidently implemented for religious reasons, giving due respect to the culture and religion of UAE. Do keep a check on the dress code in Dubai so that you will never fall into trouble while visiting/ staying in Dubai.

When you are out in public, ensure that you use normal clothes that cover from shoulders to knees. Mind you, this particular dress code applies while visiting public places like malls, cinema halls, super markets, hotels, streets, roads and while travelling on your car. Nonetheless, you are free to use any clothing style while in your home. At beaches, you cannot use a swim wear with shorts or see through tops. Topless sunbathing should be strictly avoided and wearing thongs, swimming in underwear is not recommended. Ensure that you get decently clothed after a fitness session because when you go outside you need to follow the dress code.

What must be included in your Dubai Wardrobe

Capri Pants and Cardigans seems suitable cover-ups for all occasions while you go outside. Capri pants that are not full length keeps you cool while cardigans cover the shoulder too.

You won’t regret having these clothing in your wardrobe especially while visiting cinemas and malls since at freezing temperatures you certainly need cardigans, at least. Similarly, boleros, pashminas and leggings can be used.

Meanwhile the dress code is applicable to men as well. Men should keep in mind that bare chest, shorts below knee length are not allowed in public places. Also, note that swim wear is not allowed to be put on while away from a beach or pool.

What If Someone Says Your Clothing Style Is Offensive?

If someone for instance, a security staff, or an expat approaches you saying that you are inappropriately dressed, do not get embarrassed. Since it is too common that you become a subject matter of advice if your clothing style goes inappropriate while in public. Under such situations, you remain calm and polite. Furthermore, you require to apologize for the offense and assure that you will get it correct in accordance with the normal dress code at once.

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