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Domestic Accommodation In Dubai

Dubai accomodation

Accommodations facilities in Dubai are aplenty. Even though the leasing prices did show a significant drop since the market crash of 2008, the property market gained momentum during last few years. Before you start the hunt for accommodations in Dubai, you need to decide on your priorities and the factors you can compromise on. It is better if you talk with other expat to know about their experiences.

Points to ponder

If you are looking for accommodation in Dubai, make sure that you have an idea regarding the type of accommodation needed and the price you are willing to spend for the same. You could choose from the different types of accommodation available such as duplexes, villas and apartments with furnished as well as unfurnished alternatives.

It is wise to make use of the service of a real estate agent rather than checking out the online classifieds ads. However, make sure that the real estate agent you hire has registered with the Real Estate Regulatory Agency to reduce any risks involved while during the process of transaction.

Leasing property in Dubai

While signing a lease, expats should require to submit a copy of the resident visa, proof of income received duly from employer and a copy of passport. Usually, landlords insists on payment of the entire annual rent in advance apart from the security deposit. It is also possible if you cannot pay the rent in advance, you can submit it by drawing postdated cheques.

Often utilities and maintenance charges are not included in the lease agreement. It is wise to sign a renewable lease so that you do not need to start searching for house at the end of the contract.

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