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Welcome To Dubai


Located in the South East coast of Persian, Dubai one among the seven emirates that constitute the country. The most populous and second largest emirates based on the territorial size,Dubai is considered as the global city with prime importance given for business, tourism, real estate, aviation and financial services.

Many theories are prevailing with respect to the origin of the word Dubai. It is believed that the word Dubai may have coined from the Daba in Arabic, meaning creep which refers to the slow movement of Dubai creek.


Dubai’s economy flourishes with the revenue earnings mostly from trade, finance and service industries unlike other Emirates within the country. Oil reserves in Dubai is limited as opposed to other parts. Since reserves are inadequate, the oil production is low as well. Dubai’s revenue from oil is less than five percent.

Dubai has rich cultural heritage. Dubai attracts world attention with its creative construction projects and high-rise buildings. It has to its credit world’s tallest building, named Burj Khalifa. The city is ranked as one of the best places in Middle East to live in as per Mercer, the American Global Consulting firm. It is one of the most expensive city in Middle East as in 2014. The hotel rooms in Dubai, stood second only to the world highest expensive city, Geneva.

Dubai is full of sunshine, round the year since it has a sub-tropical climate. With vast deserts, luscious beaches, luxurious hotels, lively business community, shopping malls and rich cultural heritages, Dubai is full of life and continues to attract enthusiastic tourists from around the globe.

Religion and Language
Majority of Dubai’s population believes in Islam. The official language is Arabic. When it comes to trade and business, the most common language used are Arabic and English. Urdu and Hindi are other popular languages in Dubai.
The warmth and friendliness of the natives invite visitors to the global city. Tourism becomes the major hub, taking Dubai to its greatest heights of fame.

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